What is agumented reality? See for yourself!

What is agumented reality? See for yourself the future in this Kickstarter project!

The following short film called Hyper Reality (created by film maker Keichi Matsuda) has already reached 1 million views in less than 6 days! That’s over 100.000 views per day! And it’s an overwhelming creation.

The short film tries to give us an example of our future using augmented reality. It does a very good job showing insights on how the augmented reality technology can impact our lifes on different levels.

Communication (instant translations included) and advertising are being empahasized, well, because those industries are the ones who try the most to get your attention in our current reality also.

One of the main ideas behind Matsuda’s hyper reality video seems to be that our augmentated reality identity will be a reward based one and that identity theft is one of the most dangerous cyber activities. Also, technology dependency, just like any other dependency people experience does not always have a positive consequence.

Hyper reality short film is part of a series that Matsuda promised on Kickstarter and raised almost £30.000 in December 2013.

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