A.I., A.R., V.R. and I.o.T. products in your hands

Escaping from a forced IoT future city
Mozilla Foundation‘s Mark Surman and Michelle Thorne paper called We all live in the computer now should get you thinking. You might’ve noticed you’re connected now, more than ever, even when you’re sleeping, you have an account (on your mobile or desktop devices) that’s communicating with the cloud, sending and/or receiving data.
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Applications created using Pokemon Go’s popularity

Applications created using Pokemon Go's popularity
You already know what augmented reality is and where it can take us. It’s a technology which Pokemon Go just started amplifying on top of Google Maps. Like no other application out there. Someone you know is already probably playing it. That much this game influenced the world and that’s just the beginning of Pokemon Go which, by the way, is one of the most popular smartphone applications in the world right now even if it’s currently available only for Android.
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