Applications created using Pokemon Go’s popularity

Applications created using Pokemon Go's popularity
You already know what augmented reality is and where it can take us. It’s a technology which Pokemon Go just started amplifying on top of Google Maps. Like no other application out there. Someone you know is already probably playing it. That much this game influenced the world and that’s just the beginning of Pokemon Go which, by the way, is one of the most popular smartphone applications in the world right now even if it’s currently available only for Android.
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Discover underground music and videos with BitTorrent Now

Discover underground music and videos with BitTorrent Now

On June 23rd, BitTorrent launched BitTorrent Now which is a streaming option of the company’s Bundle offerings through which users can discover underground music and videos or to “experience music and video from the underground artists you don’t know about yet”.

BitTorrent Now is an ad-supported platform, formed by BitTorrent’s Bundle offerings and now, streaming option too. And just a few days ago it started inviting users to join the platform.
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Create your own cloud server for free with OwnCloud

How to create your own cloud server for free
The reason I wrote this article is because some of the most popular applications which are supposed to serve as your own personal cloud with access from any device, weren’t good enough for me. Mostly, not because they weren’t good but because I started noticing my files were being deleted and that’s not a policy I’m always inclined to respect.

So, I’ve decided to start creating my own cloud server using the free and open source application called OwnCloud. You can compare the pros and cons of this application from what I’ve described below.
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Musically is a free application started in in 2014 and and as of May 2016, it has been funded with 116$ millions in total.

The application’s mission is “to build a global social network related to music, allowing music lovers to play with their favorite songs, create musical contents (e.g. music videos), and engage with musicians/bands”.
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Beme: instant video sharing platform

Beme: instant video sharing platform
Casey Neistat is an Internet celebrity. Famous for his Youtube videos and social media activity, recently started a technology startup called Beme. Which is an instant video sharing platform where you tap your smartphone’s screen or hold your smartphone very close to you and start recording a video. Immediately after you are finished, your video is shared to your audience.
Full article “Beme: instant video sharing platform” the multiplayer Snake game sensation, the multiplayer Snake game sensation is the multiplayer Snake game which got incredibly popular among the online community and it’s being played by millions of people from all over the world. Mostly, because it’s a very basic online game and it’s available on every platform out there. People can play it either or desktop or smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS).
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