Things you should consider when buying a laptop

Things you should consider when buying a laptop
When buying a laptop or any other technology device, you want to get the best of it and, of course, with the best deal possible. Consider the following before buying your next laptop.

Headphone and microphone plugs position

It was very disappointing to see that a few years ago, manufactures used to release laptops with the headphone and microphone plugs positioned so that it would both be uncomfortable and ruin the headphones or microphone plugs.
Things you should consider when buying a laptop
But, it seems those days are gone and now they’re built on the sides.  Still, in our present days, laptop manufacturers push for a 2 in 1 single plug (headphones + microphone) but some of them release laptops with 2 separate plugs.

It would be best if you would have 2 individual plugs for your laptop because if you use them frequently, over time, you might end up not being able to use neither of them.

Backlit keyboard

If you are the night crawler type of person, than you should consider buying a laptop that comes with backlit keys. Although there are USB lamps to replace this feature, it is not recommended unless you really need to.
Things you should consider when buying a laptop
There is no need to worry about the LEDs burning out, the life span of an LED set at 70% brightness will light for aproximately 50 000 hours. In most cases other hardware parts are more likely to fail before the LEDs start fading.

Numeric Pad

Things you should consider when buying a laptop
If you work with numbers a lot, don’t forget that Numeric Pad is the fastest way to insert your data. Don’t be an impulsive buyer and spend money on whatever laptop sparkles in front of  you, think for the long term. Do not neglect features that later on may be useful, you will find yourself in a spot where you will resort to buying an USB numeric pad.

Toggling keys on / off that has LED feature

Things you should consider when buying a laptop
There are times when you’ll find yourself in need of some feedback from your keys that tell you if the Caps Lock / Num Lock are toggled on. I’ve encountered many examples where the LEDs for these keys were either missing or badly positioned.

CPU and GPU cooling

The CPU and GPU coolers’ position is important. You see, if you find yourself using a lot of the left area of your laptop’s keyboard where W, A, S, D keys are located, you might need to check for the CPU and GPU coolers’ position before you buy that laptop.
Things you should consider when buying a laptop
The reason you want to do that is because chances are you’ll overheat that area and drive the CPU/GPU crazy hot because you’re holding a part of your hand on top of the cooling system which might cause insufficient ventilation.

Color and material type

One aspect we seem to forget or not take into consideration is that no matter what material is used to manufacture laptop frames and cases, in time, they will eventually suffer changes. You might find yourself noticing that your laptop’s color will degrade and suffer some sort of scratches over time. Make sure you avoid that by choosing the right material type and color.

In conclusion

I’m aware that most of these pieces of advice can’t all be followed and you might have to sacrifice some of them because it’s hard to find and buy the ideal laptop. These are, in my opinion things you should look for when buying a laptop and I assure you, depending on your laptop’s use, on the long term you’ll win a lot.

No one likes to buy a brand new laptop frequently and have their data moved a lot – we have a tendency of wanting to feel safe and reliable with the tools we’re using for our daily activities.

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