TaleAStory – Race for arguments, creating and ending stories

TaleAStory - Race for arguments, creating and ending stories
Write your next Harry Potter using friends and TaleAStory! TaleAStory is this beta Android and iOS smartphone application inside which storytellers can start creating stories for fun or practical exercises.

TaleAStory - Race for arguments, creating and ending stories
The idea is ingenious and incredibly “dreamy” designed. TaleAStory is the application which manages to almost push a bit people towards being more creative in their own words while racing for winning arguments or for creating and ending small stories. “Telling stories is an inherent social quality that every human shares. It is in our DNA.” the team writes on their blog.

TaleAStory by competing with a 160 characters paragraph

You enter this competition where people try to get as relevant as possible and finish their turn only using a limit of 160 characters to try and continue the narrative.
TaleAStory – Race for arguments, creating and ending stories
During the entire experience, they get rewards for using the apps’ suggested words into the conversation, too like boosters, doubling the bonuses, moving forward, skipping turns, etc..

TaleAStory helps with speaking, writing

TaleAStory is currently supporting 6 languages. This type of activity can help teach kids how to write and speak in their own language.

But TaleAStory can also be used as a tool for social interaction and promote communication between people. If you think about it, our entire lives revolve around stories and storytelling.

What we would’ve liked to see in TaleAStory

The moment we’ve started testing the Android application and read the instructions, all of these automatically made me think the application will allow me at the end of the story to export it entirely, the ultimate reward for using TaleAStory: ability to export the resulting story.

Imagine yourself writing with friends all of these imaginary or not plots and be able at the end of 48 turns to be able to have the entire story exported into a simple script-looking document.
TaleAStory – Race for arguments, creating and ending stories
The team is already planning an ebook launch which will contain stories submitted by the app’s users though it might not seem satisfactory enough from a user’s perspective. The 6 months old project might give you the sensation of not having that much control of the ultimate version of the project, over the finished stories themselves.

In conclusion

The race for generating the most coins motivated us to co-author 6 stories, I admit it’s too much fun. It made us curious on how would people continue each of our 160 characters, curious to see how can the narrative be continued by people around the world.

Being an application still in testing phase, the team still has time for digesting their app’s users’ feedback resulting in more application tuning and shaping but overall, this is an awesome with immense potential idea packed into a smartphone application.

2 thoughts on “TaleAStory – Race for arguments, creating and ending stories

  1. Hi Iulian,
    My name is Ricardo and I am the creator of TaleAStory. Thank you for writing about my app! I just spotted one small mistake in your article. You said that sharing your published story isnt possible. Admittedly the feature may be a bit hidden. If you go to “my stories” and then click on a published story, at the top right corner you will find the share icon. If you click it, you can share the app to facebook, whatsapp etc.

    Hope that helps. We’ll work on making that function more visible. Great article 🙂

    All the best,

    1. Ricardo, I apologize for reponding this late. I had great satisfaction in testing your application and I really appreciated the way you guys have built it and yes, I believe the sharing feature was a bit hidden but I still believe this is a great application, Ricardo.

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