Swinbox, the smart e-mail client

Swinbox, the smart e-mail clientSwinbox has been created due to the fact that “professionals spend an average of 4h/day managing an average of 120 e-mails, of which only 14% are important”.

Swinbox starts working for you 1st by sorting your e-mails. It follows a simple logical algorthm: if the e-mails you’ve received are because you’ve been put into the CC or BBC, those specific e-mails will be moved into a secondary tab. Other type of e-mails like promotions, notifications, newsletters, will be moved to a 3rd tab. So far, it’s not that different from what the Gmail’s tabs are offering.

The 2nd step would be the organizational step it provides you, a panel called Kanban Dashboard: within Swinbox, you can turn your received e-mails into tasks (you have a full panel divided just for that) by dragging and dropping them into the devided panels. Which is a very cool and useful feature.
Swinbox, the smart e-mail client
Of course, it’s more flexibile than that. Tasks can be created from scratch, lists can be renamed and customized which means Swinbox might’ve just found the perfect solution for a user’s ton of e-mails nightmare. This is both a great e-mail client and a task manager for the user, in one single place. The tasks you create from scratch can replace many other applications you already have installed on your smartphone or Excel lists you keep for organizational purposes.

Also, it’s really easy to create e-mails or go back to your dashboard of reading your inbox. There’s also a Notication Center which allows you to get notified in real time about every important event. There are a lot more features that Swinbox offers, features like comments, archives, snoozing e-mails, adding tags.

Swinbox, the smart e-mail client
Swinbox is still a service in private beta so users might encounter a few glitches like the unability to log in (500 error), mixed languages (even though you’re choosing English as your main language, your account will be displayed in French, so you’d better prepare your French language skills). But, overall, I find Swinbox to be a great e-mail client and management tool. It’s definetely some potential in it due to its utility.

2 thoughts on “Swinbox, the smart e-mail client

  1. Thank you for testing our product !
    As you said, we’re still in private beta and we’re working hard to get the best e-mail client EVER !

    Alexandre Haddad

  2. Hey, Alexandre,

    I was really glad I heard about you guys and I’m really excited about it. I believe the Kanban Dashboard is just what me and other users I believe needed for so long. Having an e-mail client and a management tool in a single place is just an awesome idea!

    I believe this is a product users craved for a long time, it’s really worth developing.

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