Imzy, the place for actual community growing

Imzy, the place for actual community growing“Experience community and find where you belong.” Imzy is a platform for communities, a platform which aims to be this safe place where diversified communities can actually grow. Founded in 2015 by a team of 6 former Reddit employees and with 3 millions in funding is now trying with Dan McComas as the CEO of the platform to¬†bring people together and share opinions, collaborate on common goals.

If you carefully pay attention to the communities you’re actually interested in (perhaps music, arts, web development, Android, etc..), Imzy can replace whatever newsfeed service you’re using because users here are so connected and updated with the real world on multiple domains.

You get to create multiple profiles which will help you post in different communities you’ve joined – and it’s an awesome feature. Not to mention that you can also share your opinion upon posts, anonymously.

Imzy does a pretty good job at giving the users a space where they can share opinions, collaborate and grow as a community, just like they’ve mentioned in their¬†“About” manifesto. A warm, cozy platform where people care for one another and can reward actions, efforts.

The platform itself will survive by taking a small percentage of each transaction made whenever users decide to reward help from other users. Even though Imzy involves a financial aspect among the users, the communities it managed to create is purely awesome and I mean that. There’s so much help, so much feedback and involvement that you sometimes feel overwhelmed with how people offer support to each other.

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