Google blocked 17 billion ads in 2016, twice more than in 2015

Google blocked 17 billion ads in 2016, twice more than in 2015Google recently published an article describing how 17 billion ads have been taken down by Google in 2016 which is twice the amount, compared to 2015.

Self-clicking ads is the new way of misleading the user and in 2016 self-clicking ads were on a huge rise. “If you spent one second taking down each of those bad ads, it’d take you more than 50 years to finish. But our technology is built to work much faster.”

  • Google blocked and removed 68 million ads that were violating terms in the healthcare domain (from 12.5 million in 2015).
  • More than 17 million bad ads from the illegal gambling space were taken down in 2016.
  • Google blocked and removed 112 milion “trick to click” ads (6 times more than in 2015).
  • From July until December 2016, Google disabled more than 5 million “payday loan ads”.
  • Nearly 80 million bad deceiving/misleading/shocking ads have been disabled and removed.
  • More than 23000 self-clicking ads were disabled, from a few thousand in 2015.
  • Almost 7 million bad ads which were intentionally trying to trick the system; Google also suspended more than 1300 accounts for promoting fake news (the so-called “tabloid cloakers”).
  • Actions have been taken against 47000 sites that were promoting products related to weight-loss scams, against 15000 sites for unwanted software and removed 900000 ads containing malware.
  • 6000 sites and 6000 accounts which were attempting to advertise counterfeit goods.

The above type of statistics reinforce the existence of ad-blockers: too much promoting, which makes Google’s actions within those numbers to be well received by its users since this type of actions improve their online experience.

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