GIPHY: the web application GIF maker creates over 1 billion GIFs per day

Create your own GIF with GIPHY, the online GIF makerIf you’ve ever wanted or at least wondered on how to create online your own GIF from a Youtube/Vimeo/Vine and even from your own familiar sources including using your own video file, GIPHY, the web application GIF maker is here.

GIPHY: the online GIF maker creates over 1 billion GIFs per day

GIPHY’s statistics

In April 2016, GIPHY acquired GIFGrabber which is a free Mac based application that allows users to create GIFs in 3 simple steps by capturing users’ screen (high investment startups usually acquire smaller companies for user acquisition or for the team behind them, or both). Also, a month later, Alex Chung, co-founder and CEO of the GIPHY startup, during the TechCrunch Disrupt event, mentioned that GIPHY creates over 1 billion GIFs per day.

Chung considers the startup itself is also a (huge) GIF search engine on top of a GIF maker/builder. It has deals with major events (like the Oscars) which help the startup feature on their homepage latest events. And since the online GIF maker is incredibibly easy to use resulting its massive stored gallery and database, GIPHY is proof that users really really enjoy expressing themselves through this free online service.

Text + photos = profitable GIPHY future

The market behind the GIPHY startup extends to messasing also which is a pretty logical path if you’re realising what a GIF is created from: text + photos. In March 2015, GIPHY acquired Nutmeg which is basically an iOS app that allows users to text GIFs to their audience.

Though GIPHY is not yet profitable (raised 78.95$ millions in funding so far), Alex Chung believes that by partnering with adjiacent online entities like Search and Share Inc. (the team behind the popular Slash iOS/Android keyboard) the startup will increase its chances of releasing more of its own productcs like the recently launched iOS app called GIPHY Keys which a smartphone keyboard that allows users to send GIFs based on what they’re typing.

Overall, by making this kind of decisions and partnerniships, Alex Chung sees a future in which GIPHY will be able to do get profitable indeed.

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