Discover underground music and videos with BitTorrent Now

Discover underground music and videos with BitTorrent Now

On June 23rd, BitTorrent launched BitTorrent Now which is a streaming option of the company’s Bundle offerings through which users can discover underground music and videos or to “experience music and video from the underground artists you don’t know about yet”.

BitTorrent Now is an ad-supported platform, formed by BitTorrent’s Bundle offerings and now, streaming option too. And just a few days ago it started inviting users to join the platform.

BitTorrent Now allows underground artists to attract more audience, get more exposure through offerings like free download links, extra tracks, sometimes even vouchers and merchandise. It’s been known that artists like G-eazy, Major Lazer, Diplo and others have been using the BitTorrent Bundle offerings feature in the past.

The platform is available for Android and iOS. Though I’ve met some streaming glitches on my smartphones playing certain videos, I’m more than pleased to say that I’ve found some great artists through BitTorrent Now. But, with great streaming, comes great responsability since discovering new artists (film and music) means a lot the users who are going to use the platform and currently, the platform is lacking the ability to make personal recommendations.

Within the Android and iOS apps you’ll find 3 main sections which should help the users discover new artists but currently they don’t feel like personal even though I’m signed in. Personally, I don’t find Youtube’s recommendations too good or too personal and I’ve given up beliving it will satisfy me in the near future but Youtube and even Facebook (for its video part) have definetely raised the standard bar.

Now, I understand BitTorrent Now it’s still in its infancy stage. I’m still staying positive because so far, the platform has given me great satisfaction in finding new great music and watch interesting videos (promo videos, film sneak peaks), I’m just trying to underline the fact that the users might have some expectations if the platform plans on being a good business for all parties involved.

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