Create your own cloud server for free with OwnCloud

How to create your own cloud server for free
The reason I wrote this article is because some of the most popular applications which are supposed to serve as your own personal cloud with access from any device, weren’t good enough for me. Mostly, not because they weren’t good but because I started noticing my files were being deleted and that’s not a policy I’m always inclined to respect.

So, I’ve decided to start creating my own cloud server using the free and open source application called OwnCloud. You can compare the pros and cons of this application from what I’ve described below.

How to create your own cloud server for free

Pros Owncloud:

  • easy script, based on PHP which uses SQLite/MySQL/PosgreSQL for its database;
  • free and open source which leads to
  • users creating a variety of applications for OwnCloud (like music/photo/video galleries, notes, mail clients, music/video players, user registration, shortening URLs integration);
  • control over files like user sharing and commenting;
  • encryption (option of SSL implementation);
  • multiple platform clients: Windows/Linux/Android/iOS;
  • it supports documents creation from within the cloud (.txt fles);
  • default file size limit is 512 MB (it can be increased from within the configuration files; the OwnCloud manual guides you through a pretty simple proccess).

Cons OwnCloud

  • the official OwnCloud Android and iOS clients are not free; there are though alternatives (developers have found this a bit discomforting so they’ve developed their own Android clients for OwnCloud):
    • for Android, Cirrus for OwnCloud is the alternative but, it is worth mentioning that Cirrus is lacking an important feature that I was looking for: it doesn’t have an option of choosing where to sync the files to;
  • just like every other Applications Store, some applications are better than others – the idea is that I’ve wanted tot test some applications available in the OwnCloud Applications ecosystem, some that I’ve really craved for but, they didn’t work – it’s not OwnCloud’s fault because the ones I wanted to install were stable but OwnCloud wouldn’t “vouch” for users to install.

Overall, OwnCloud is a joy to use. You just install it on your webserver, run the script, install an operating system client and that’s it. It’s really nice to see that your files are being synced all over your devices without too much effort. You can use it on a shared or dedicated hosting server. It’s a very useful free cloud server.

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