Cheapest and most expensive Google acquisition from 2003 to 2016

Cheapest and most expensive Google acquisitions from 2003 to 2016In 2003, Google made its 1st acquisition: Applied Semantics for 102 millions of dollars. You’d might think that 13 years later, Applied Semantics would’ve been the cheapest acquisition Google ever made. Well, you’d be wrong to think that.

Ten years ago today, my business partners and I sold Applied Semantics to Google. At the time, it was Google’s largest acquisition to date. In the following years we worked together with our new family at Google to grow AdSense into a multibillion-dollar business. (Source)

Statista created an infographic containing Google’s acquisitions all the way from 2003 to 2016. It seems the cheapest Google acquisition so far was in fact, Android (surprised?), yes. And the most expensive until now still is Motorola’s mobile division (Motorola Mobility).

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