Beme: instant video sharing platform

Beme: instant video sharing platform
Casey Neistat is an Internet celebrity. Famous for his Youtube videos and social media activity, recently started a technology startup called Beme. Which is an instant video sharing platform where you tap your smartphone’s screen or hold your smartphone very close to you and start recording a video. Immediately after you are finished, your video is shared to your audience.

There’s no editing whatsoever, no filters, nothing to add before being shared. You just stop recording and immediately after, it’s being shared to your audience. And that’s what makes this smartphone application so interesting.

Because the other video oriented startups/companies like Youtube or Vimeo has created this culture in which the user has a mini-studio at his disposal where he can edit his videos before uploading them. But not Beme. With Beme, Casey stated that he wanted people to be able to get viewed by their audience for who they truely are.

Casey has a background in film making and before uploading any videos on his Youtube channel, he spends from 4h up to 8h per video for editing. And, his application, Beme is taking an interesting shortcut when it comes to video creation, unlike Youtube for example: instead of editing your video before uploading it, you just create it and share it without any other kind of interaction, there’s not a single way of altering your content.

YouNow, took a similar approach 5 years ago also – instead of  following the traditional path for video creation, it decided to take a shortcut towards a single purpose: live video broadcasting (I can’t remember how many times I logged into YouNow and a girl’s soft voice with a guitar in her hands was singing immediately after I just I had just signed in).

The Beme application is available for both iOS and Android. In its first 8 days it had over 400.000 downloads and over 1 million beams created.

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