Applications created using Pokemon Go’s popularity

Applications created using Pokemon Go's popularity
You already know what augmented reality is and where it can take us. It’s a technology which Pokemon Go just started amplifying on top of Google Maps. Like no other application out there. Someone you know is already probably playing it. That much this game influenced the world and that’s just the beginning of Pokemon Go which, by the way, is one of the most popular smartphone applications in the world right now even if it’s currently available only for Android.

Since Niantic (the company which develops Pokemon Go) hasn’t included yet a chat option inside the game, independent freelancers or current business owners have found this as an opportunity to create their own applications that will serve in some ways, Pokemon Go’s users’ need to interact with eachother.


Poke Dates is now the hottest application created using Pokemon Go’s popularity. But, you see, PokeDates is taking advantage of a market gap, a gap left from other smartphone applications that tried to be successful using Pokemon Go’s worldwide hype.

PokeDates launched on June 20th and it’s currently available only in the U.S.A.. The way it works is simple: you answer a few questions about yourself and what “PokeMate” you’re looking for and an actual human will review your profile; if you get a match, you’ll be notified and set up to start dating but, the service provides only the 1st date as free of charge – after that, each date will cost 20$; there’s a possibility of referring your friends for getting free dates.


I mentioned earlier that PokeDates is trying to fit a market gap, a gap not filled by previous smartphone applications that have tried to rise as a business built on Pokemon Go. Before PokeDates, a 28 years old freelancer called Jonathan Zarra created GoChat, a chat application for Pokemon Go available for iOS and Android. He launched the application 1 day before Pokemon Go did.
Applications created using Pokemon Go’s popularity
GoChat gave users the ability to create notes at in-game stops. The application reached 1 million users in 5 days but Jonathan wasn’t able to predict the fact his application would get that much popularity in such short time thus, the initial servers behind the application couldn’t handle that much activity which made the application crash too often making it impossible for new users to register.
Applications created using Pokemon Go’s popularity
Jonathan hired a contractor through Upwork in order to fix his servers’ problem which would cost him 4000$ and in the past week, Jonathan has tried to maintain GoChat’s servers online while users using the application reached 2 million.


Noticing the hype created around Pokemon Go and the need for Pokemon fans to exchange messages, Erik Duidanm (CTO of Unboxd) thought about creating a business on Pokemon Go too. Making sure he wouldn’t follow GoChat’s issues, Erik created a scalable smartphone application based on Pokemon Go in just 24h while the servers behind it would stay within the 100$ price tag.

The application is called GoSnaps, launched on June 13th and it’s currently available only for iOS. “GoSnaps is an app to share Pokémon Go screenshots and images on a map.”,Eric writes on Medium. The iOS application has over 200000 snapshots created by more than 500000 users.


Applications created using Pokemon Go’s popularity
Razer, the gaming company known for its affinity towards high end gaming hardware createad a web application called RazerGo for Pokemon Go. The web browser version will be followed on July 26th by an Android and iOS version too. According to Polygon:

“RazerGo allows players to discover and chat with Pokémon trainers in a scalable radius, according to the company. Local mode reaches players within a three mile area, regional will include those within 60 miles and global will include all players. The app includes the team colors of players as well as three chat modes: public, team and whisper.”

The RazerGo application calls itself “location based chat for AR gamers” and it will function like a seamlessly chat messenger. But it should also be noted that RazerGo is independent from the Razor’s own chat application.


Applications created using Pokemon Go's popularity
This web application is intended to show you a map of all pokemons available within your area, a tracking/locating pokemon web application. PokeVision has been created also based on a need, a new way users wanted to play the smartphone Pokemon Go game. It wasn’t available in it, so developers used Niantic’s API to provide an answer for such high demand of a pokemon locating application.

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