2.72 billion social network users worldwide by 2019

2.72 billion social network users worldwide by 2019
From 7.35 billions of people in the world (2015),  3.17 billions have Internet access (2015) and by 2019, there will be 2.72 billions of social network users worldwide.

When we reffer to social media, we reffer to a lot of examples, starting from miroblogs (such as Twitter, Tumblr), forums, chat applications (WhatsApp, SnapChat), blogs (Blogspot, WordPress) all the way to social networks (Ello, Facebook).

Social media keeps being  a huge part in our lifes. We’ve moved more and more of our offline activies into the online, specifically into social networks. The need for communication and connecting with people far beyond e-mails has risen a lot.

The high adoption rate of smartphones has contributed to the rise of social network users. And there’s an worldwide race between companies for user acquisition, there always has been. Yahoo has its Tumblr, Google has its own Google Plus, Microsoft has its Skype, Facebook has its WhatsApp and Instagram.

It’s only natural to see Internet users becoming social network users even more in the upcoming years if you at least can visualise this: in just 3 years from now, statistics say the number of social media network users will rise by 500 million. People want to engage into conversations, want to express themselves. More than 160 million/year! And imagine just how much online content we’ve created so far and how much we will create in the near future.

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